Russia / Putin out of line

Why is Russia taking such aggressive action as of late? Every time you hear about Putin, he’s usually doing something to make you hate him. Whether it’s stealing somebody’s super bowl ring, or militarizing Russia to seize territory in another country.

Some say he’s against the NWO; I say he’s the opposite side of the same coin. The false East vs. West / Russia vs. America show is still underway, apparently, to propagandize the people. Like the Cold War isn’t over.

“Defending ethnic Russians and bases” sounds an awful lot like something Nazis said to defend their despicable actions in the 20th century.

How has Russia gotten away with its invasion of Georgia, anyway? Ukraine? I don’t know too much recent history between Russia and Ukraine, but that’s because nothing besides their imminent conflict has been publicized. So then…

Why do I even care?

Because I want opinions,  I need to know…

Is Putin a globalist? What are his aims?



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