Discussions of chemtrails in the sky (with a 10 year old) – Geoengineering / chemtrails

blatant chemtrailsaerial spray dispersal

Spoke to my 10 year old cousin the other day…

I asked him…

“Hey, when you go outside, do some planes fly overhead and the smoke trail behind goes away quickly…”

and he quickly and excitedly burst out and finished me…

“and I know some others stay for a long time, right!?”

Quite perceptive. At least he is not at the age where indoctrination has seeped in, or he feels pressured to dismiss it as nothing. I told him to be perceptive and try to be aware of things most other people can’t notice.

Chemtrails is actually geoengineering and aerial spraying, which are VERY REAL PHENOMENONS. Suffolk County in Long Island New York proposed a revolutionary bill to curtail aerial spraying and geoengineering, entitled “A LOCAL LAW TO PROTECT AIR QUALITY IN SUFFOLK COUNTY” which was unfortunately stricken and never voted on.

This news story is almost full blown propaganda. Chemtrails are not a “theory,” these are not regular average “con trails,” and these are not being caused by “increased air traffic.”

Once again, it’s a grand brainwashing that is sort of going on. Look deeper and try to see the real big picture.



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