About Organized Stalking and Narcissism – Gang Stalking

So what exactly is organized stalking, or gangstalking? It is sort of a complex subject to describe.

The news stories, articles and court cases along with declassified government documents describing counter-intelligence, surveillance and harassment methods prove gang-stalking to be a very real phenomenon. You can find extensive proof of this. The stories and videos in the links I provide below provide proof of what gangstalking is and explain it quite well. In short, organized harassment / gangstalking is a widespread phenomenon of surveillance and harassment which aims at neutralizing certain targets, ruining peoples lives, or simply harassment. Beware of the false videos you will see on youtube that claim to be reporting or showing gang stalking in which nothing happens or no (compilation of) worthy evidence is shown.

Sources and references of gang-stalking…

It was easy for me to believe this because I took a business philosophy course which included lessons on special speakers used by advertisers which behaved similar to “Voice to Skull” technology. The speakers would be placed in convenient city locations and play sound clips (essentially advertisements) which were silent unless you were in the precise location of the wave of sound produced by this speaker. Once you were in the correct location you would hear the the speaker play the recorded messages. Unless you knew that there was a partially-hidden speaker utilizing this peculiar technology somewhere nearby, you would think you’re hearing voices in you’re head! Only those within the sound wave can hear the sound while others, even if a few feet away, will not.

I remember one of my political science professors at the same university telling the class about a politician or some scientist who complained that the government was beaming gay thoughts into his head.

The United States, British, and Israeli governments have openly admitted to hiring people to infiltrate blogging websites and other forms of online media such as forums and online multiplayer video games, as well. There have been many paid harassers that were found out to be working with government, law enforcement, intelligence groups, and even private corporations.

I think people who are concerned need to watch the video “How to identify a narcissist gang stalking organizer: the narcissism test“.

This is exactly why I thought so many more gang stalking videos were coming up. Not to say that gangstalking is uncommon (because it is indeed common) but since so many people in America fit these qualifications…

  • live delusionally in their lives with altered views in a seeming altered or manipulated reality
  • are stupid / willfully ignorant / liars / make things up / don’t care about you or people in general (I knew a kid growing up who constantly lied and made up stories and that’s all he did was tell these lies it was weird)
  • are not necessarily stupid but just operate or do things differently than you, to the point that it may negatively affect you or piss you off
  • are narcissists
  • like to gang up on or bully other people
  • are some type of (paid) harasser or legitimate gang stalker
  • are your doctor yet they do not take you seriously or try to help you

…it is no wonder why so many people people feel like they are harassed, gangstalked, or dealing with narcissistic and/or stupid people at every turn!

Gaslighting is a tactic used by gang stalkers as well as narcissistic family, friends, coworkers, strangers, and even the government and mainstream media!



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