American schools :(

For a time (I’m not sure if this is still the case) children in Belgium who’s schools received less resources did better on international tests. Why is that?

Why do we need the highest tech computers to learn things which people excelled at years before without them? Why do schools pay for so many programs and events that barely anyone cares for, that when you finally do go to these events you ask yourself “oh my god why didn’t I just skip this bogus junk?”

Almost all planning for education seems engineered to make us stupid. Cheating has grown prevalent in America’s education system as a whole This is from my own personal experience and almost everyone I know personally that attends school.

We do not get mandatory personal finance classes that teach us how to prosper in our American lifestyle. And due to a complicated bureaucracy, how are we to live under these conditions?

I sourced that factoid about Belgian schools from John Stossel’s “Stupid in America”

Don’t even get me started with budget plans for public educational institutions! Constantly wasting money, and on top of that the budget plan does not allow for departments to save up for what they need. All the money must be spent (like by wasting it on a $6,000 Hawaiian themed party like at a CUNY university I went to) because “or else the department would receive less money from the city and state for the next fiscal term.” I was told this by staff while I worked at this campus.

In some cases students are forced to shape-shift their views to that of the curriculum or teacher, and if they do not, the teacher will ask you to rewrite the paper or give it a lesser grade. I have experienced this.

Teachers are not heroes anymore. All teachers follow a curriculum that is deliberately dumbing down our children and will continue to do so because they are slaves to the paycheck.

Charlotte Iserbyt – “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.”

John Taylor Gatto does great work exposing the education system as well.



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