We have not been genetically modifying organisms for hundreds of years

To set the record straight: humans have been selectively breeding crops and domesticating animals for thousands of years. These two processes play key roles in human civilization. Right.

However, unlike professors at university may say, or other paid off people or advertisements (propaganda) may say, we have not been genetically modifying our food for hundreds of years.

Genetic modification has only been happening since the 70s. Here is a GMO timeline: http://gmoinside.org/gmo-timeline-a-history-genetically-modified-foods/

In 1973 the first recombinant DNA was created. The first patent on a genetically modified living organism (bacteria) was issued in 1980. Some years later gene guns were invented to genetically modify organisms that had bigger or more difficult cells to penetrate such as plants or humans. The first GMO crop intended for human consumption was the failed Flavr Savr tomato which was approved for market in the 90s.

What is so hard to understand about this? Anyone who claims that “humans have been genetically modifying organisms for hundreds/thousands of years” or “modern genetic modification methods are virtually no different than what humans have been doing for hundreds/thousands of years” is simply misinformed or a propagandist. This is not only false, it is a distortion of reality. Do these people think a “gene gun” was used thousands of years ago? Hearing so many professors, doctors, researchers, and the like say things like this is truly an affirmation that we are living in the Twilight Zone.



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