Beware locally grown produce

Make sure you are getting your food from safe and trusted sources. If you buy locally, do a bit of research into where it is coming from. Why do I say this?

I was reading through a newspaper one day, and came across an interesting article. Locally grown vegatbles from gardens in NYC contain harmful levels of metals and other toxins. Some produce in NYC was found (dried Thyme from Hart to Hart) with 18 ppm of lead. This is extremely toxic.

Plants (especially certain edible kinds) are used to restore polluted areas, as the roots of these plants will essentially suck up pollutants such as lead. This process is called “phytoremediation.”

article carrots leadpost article local fruit veggie testimony

I wonder if it was planned to use plants to clean up toxic sites in NYC (and other cities around the country or world for that matter) and then sell those very plants to unwitting people. This is a definite possibility – whether on purpose or by accident – given the history of our government and its industries.

One time when I was volunteering in Floyd Bennet field doing environmental work, I saw there is a community garden that is located very close to the old hangars in this seeming derelict area, which likely has pollutants in it (I do not know this for sure, though.)

Watch out (especially New Yorkers) where you buy your locally grown produce!



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