Choking on books, damnit!

Lately I have been reading some old books. This one book arrived to my house after I ordered it online. To be quite honest with you, I do not usually check out the store or seller when I shop online at sites like Amazon. Maybe I should have seen where these books are coming from.

This one old book in fact makes me taste toxic/mold/dust, have a coughing and sneezing attack, and then get a stuffy nose and headache – every time I read it! I’ll tell ya, being the modern people we are; I find it hard enough to get into the zone to read books without seeing the words double and fall asleep, let alone deal with toxic books that challenge my immune system.

So you know what I did? I looked up “dusty books” online and found that I could bathe the book in baking soda and I did just that. Between the pages and in the seem and all. I also used my vacuum cleaner’s bristle brush attachment to suck the dust and baking soda off the book. This book is so old that if you even slightly scrape it pieces of the cover will fall off. So naturally, after vacuuming it a large piece of the cover of the seem tore off. Oh well.

I haven’t read it since then because I’m sick of dealing with this, literally. Hopefully I don’t get an allergy attack the next time I pick the book up.



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