NY Environmental legislation – States pushing measures to counter GMO labeling ban

This link is a list of the states leading the push for GMO labeling…


After receiving a pamphlet from his staff, I have discovered that New York Senator Joe Addabbo Jr. is pushing for a bill to “require consumer labeling on food products produced with genetic engineering/GMOs (S.485)” among other proposed bills. This is a step in the right direction. This bill also mandates labeling of vaccines that are made with geneticaly engineered ingredients. Read the bill at the link below…


Other bills include…(copied form pamphlet)

  • “S.337 – Allow New yorkers who might not otherwise be able to use solar energy to invest in off site solar power through a new community pilot program.”
  • “S.5995, S.4102 – Regulate toxic chemicals in children’s toys and other products.”
  • “S.3932 – Prohibit the sale of cosmetic products containing plastic ‘microbeads’ which are contaminating New York’s lakes and other waterways.”

Senator Addabo is co-sponsoring legislations to “prohibit dangerous fracking waste products from being transported through NYS for treatment in wastewater treatment facilities (S.47) or landfills (S.340), or used on any public highway (S.48).”

However, one bill that I don’t think will solve any underlying problems is S.3001 which creates the “NYS Climate Change Task Force to help the state better address the serious challenges of global climate change.”


This bill does not mention geoengineering, aerial spraying, and etc. Geoengineering is purported by people like Dane Wigington and Rosalind Peterson to be one of the leading causes of these environmental changes.

New York is no stranger to anti-geoengineering legislation. We can see that Edward P. Romaine, possibly as consequence for pushing this bill, is no longer the county representative for the 1st district of Suffolk County if you click on his name in the link. This bill, titled “A LOCAL LAW TO PROTECT AIR QUALITY IN SUFFOLK COUNTY,” was a revolutionary bill the first of its kind, but was stricken. It was never passed. Here is a preceding of the Suffolk County air quality legislation.



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