Who are the Guardian Angels and Curtis Sliwa, really? *And Wounded Warrior Project fraud

I had heard of the Guardian Angels, and since it had some history to it, it seemed legitimate. But then I said to myself, “wait a minute… this just seems to good to be true” so I did some more research.

The wikipedia page says:

In 1992, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa issued a public apology for staging several subway rescues in the 1980s in order to get publicity for the group.[3] Since the statute of limitations on filing false police reports had expired, no charges were brought against him or the organization. Sliwa also admitted that the New York City Chapter primarily patrolled the Restaurant Row section of midtown Manhattan, except for occasional well-publicized patrols in other neighborhoods and subway patrols to recruit new members.

So right off the bat, I can see that this group is not all it lets out to be.

Guardian Angels logo featured on freemasonry website

The group wears red jackets and red berrets which are reminiscent of the “bonnet rouges” of the French revolution, “redshirts” of the Italian revolution, and also the “red guards” of the Russian and Chinese revolutions.

Their outfits are reminiscent of the garment-wearing revolutionaries led by freemasons. Robespierre, leader of the French revolution, was a freemason and Jacobin. Giuseppe Garibaldi, commander of the red shirts, was a freemason and military commander in service of the Young Italy movement which was started and led by freemason Giuseppe Mazzini. The Russian revolution was essentially led by teams of freemasons (Trotsky, Kerensky, Lenin, Stalin) taking on the ideas of Marx who was a freemason. Mao Tse Tung was a freemason.

Red has been adopted as the color of revolution. The most violent stage of the French Revolution was called the “Red Terror”

The Guardian Angels have safety patrol chapters operating in over 130 cities across the world. The group focuses on patrolling, surveillance, and informing police.

Here is a 30 year member exposing the truth about the group.

On top of all of this, people say Curtis Sliwa is hard to get in contact with. He is also one of the co-hosts of the propaganda radio show “Curtis and Kuby”

I am not saying that I know the true intent of The Guardian Angels, but these realizations of the group and its founder are rather intriguing. I do not know Curtis Sliwa or any Guardian Angels. I’m sure the group and its members have done some good things. But could their group possibly be serving other purposes? Such as…

  • Informing law enforcement and/or other groups of public activity yet unbeknownst to the public at large?
  • Promoting a certain image that other groups benefit from?
  • Making money and not giving the money back to those the group claims to represent?
  • Generating hype for the group and causes it supports based on manufactured or false premises?

People have to extrapolate this situation with the Guardian Angels to all other entities which claim to be benefiting the people or speaking for the people, and are actually doing the opposite. ***Like The Wounded Warrior Project, a known fraud organization.

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