Always had a feeling there was something up with traffic… *Updated! Newest NY traffic jams!

After reading these three articles, my beliefs were pretty much confirmed…

Ever notice work being done on the road, and although thinking they may add more lanes like so desperately needed, when the work is over with you find they have reduced the number of lanes?

Ever notice how the lights seem to be designed to clog people up and do not operate efficiently?

Half the time we see a lane closed, it actually may be closed for no good reason! A lane of the Lincoln Tunnel in NYC was closed recently to allow exclusive passage for Israeli billionaire Lev Avnerovich Leviev.

So why have I never seen a lane added where it should have been in all my 7 years of driving? Maybe the local city planning actually does correspond to global initiatives like encouraging the use of bicycles and public transportation over cars? The revelations of the Chris Christie traffic scandal also shed some light on why we may see rows of orange cones taking up a lane, while the road seems fine and there are no workers in sight with no work getting done.

I have no problem with adding bike lanes but they should be put in logical locations and just as much priority should be put into smoothing automobile traffic congestion. I saw construction being done besides the Belt Parkway for so long – I was hoping for the addition lanes or another road of some sort, only to find the touching up of the bicycle path next to the highway to be the only evidence of work. The bike path next to the Belt Parkway can only be accessed from certain locations, some of which are not necessarily convenient.

  • It seems they are working on a big project alongside the Belt Parkway, but I’m not sure what it is as of now.


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