Is Trump Right for America? *Updated

Watch the documentary called “You’ve Been Trumped”…

Here is a list of more of Trump’s indecencies.

***Apparently Trump is against the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is one of the things I agree with Trump about. I, and I’m sure many Americans, agree with a few points that Trump makes. However, I believe at this point that Trump may just be a distraction. He is pro NDAA, he is a flip-flopper and is apparently related to the Clintons. But what about things like Newt Gingrich saying that Donald Trump is an outsider who has not been through the initiation rights and doesn’t belong to a secret society? Weird, indeed. I believe at this point that Trump is the best of a bad bunch. (*update* apparently he’s the same as the rest of ’em!)

Trump may just be a distraction meant to make true patriots look bad..

I would never support any of the current candidates including the Clinton or Bush crime families. None of em’. The skewed delegate and electoral college systems should be either reformed or abolished and are two reasons why I don’t vote.

At this point, if I did vote it would likely be for Trump.

See my previous article “Seeing Through the 2 party system



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