Understanding Police

There are good cops that do good things, but shouldn’t cases of bad cops doing bad things be pointed out and fixed? To many people, yes, they should.

Some people think cops are stupid / bad / corrupt. The response to that from many people, would be something like this:

“You can’t call all our law enforcement bad! They put their lives on the line for you! Don’t let a few corrupt police officers and other people in government ruin your outlook on the rest of them.”

No, I’m not saying that ALL law enforcement and people in government are corrupt… But time and time again, evidence shows that there is in fact habitual practices of certain people in law enforcement, government, and etcetera which are corrupt. Most decent officers that witness corruption or are aware of it either don’t say anything about it or get persecuted if they do. People would see this if they just opened their eyes and weren’t satisfied with the way things are “because none of it really affects them.”

Going back to the “cops are stupid” argument, that may actually be the contrived case of the matter. Former CIA/NSA contractor Steven D Kelly claimed that American officers of law enforcement are given some sort of IQ test and if they score too high they are not allowed to be a law enforcement officer. The US court has okayed this.
This is purposely done to avoid officers who are able to think logically and compassionately.
And here’s some insight into why police seem to shoot first and ask questions (think) later…
  • http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/02/us/training-officers-to-shoot-first-and-he-will-answer-questions-later.html
    • Look at what Dr. William J. Lewinsky says, and tell me it is not the worst thing going for actual good law enforcement. Lewinsky is a psychologist who holds training sessions for officers around the country with teachings such as this…
    • “A batter can’t wait for a ball to cross home plate before deciding whether that’s something to swing at,” he told the Los Angeles deputy sheriffs. “Make sense? Officers have to make a prediction based on cues.”

    • That ball = your life.
Could the rise of the police state (and the police themselves) be a growing threat to the American people?

Okay, I have a few uncles in the police force who are now retired. They were policemen in NYC. They personally told me that the Constitution is not important and that it is not considered really at all. One uncle also told us, while sitting at the table, that if he wanted to get somebody out of their car (and do a search or arrest or what have you), he would find any reason to make that a 100% possibility. A separate uncle told us that he and his cop buddies used to literally beat the hell out of certain unlucky people that just happened to bother them or be in the way of their line of duty.

Maybe giving cops essential free reign to make decisions like this (despite the law and the Constitution, which they blatantly disregard) isn’t a good thing. Rather than get better since the 70s and 80s, police seem to have become more gung-ho and militarized. They have no concern for rights or the constitution.

How about stories of 911 operators/dispatchers that don’t even care or ask millions of useless questions? I call it “death by 911 dispatcher.” How about emergency services and other law enforcement services that don’t even show up or take too long to do so?

People have to get involved en masse to try and make these situations better. People have to look into the recent deaths under law enforcement and government supervision such as the Sandra Bland case. The Sandra Bland case is just one popular injustice out of so many that should not have happened, with video evidence to show it could have been wholly avoided.

Most of American society is played at through fear. Mainstream media is certainly the number one culprit. The response to trying to reform police and government is:

“Oh, then just let all these filthy criminals run amok! There’s a war against our good policemen who defend us!”

And I’m here to tell you that this is bullshit. Some people think that if you reform police they won’t be able to catch any criminals or help anybody, and they’ll just be easy pickings getting shot up left and right in the streets by gangsters. It’s truly some sort of grand brainwashing.

There is no war against police. Nobody should even pay any mind to what the media says. I am not against police. I want police. I just want GOOD police who understand and take an OATH TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. I just think that the ongoing militarization of police and the tactics they use are actually putting good and innocent Americans in the line of jeopardy.



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