Occult / Esoteric America (World) – “sorcery the second fastest growing religion in the US, after Islam” – US Senate candidate admits to sacrificing goat and drinking its blood. *Displays to Baal still to be constructed

See my two previous articles regarding the occult to get a fuller scope.

  1. More to American / religious history than meets the eye
  2. The (gang-banging satanic) dope show pt 2

Now here is a list of recent examples of how our society is openly turning back to Babylon… Our society already is a new Babylon, practically.

International satanist / pedophile abuse rings

The international elitist satanist pedophile abuse ring is easily seen to be connected to the US and the UK’s government and entertainment industries. Here is a list of articles which help expose this…

But what about satanic / masochistic snuff parties and films?

My friends and relatives find decapitated animals placed in sacrificial manners, as well as severed heads with no body in sight when they go for walks on nature paths, near the bay, public parks, beaches, and etc.

People you meet/know may actually be practicing things like Santeria, witchcraft, satanism, wicca, paganism, and etc. It is a person’s right to practice or believe what they want, but some people and groups take these beliefs more seriously than others and will actually cause harm to themselves and others including animals, destroy property, sneak into graveyards, etc.

I have nothing against anybody who is a good person and tries to do the right thing.



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