Eating and Drinking Smarter

Food & Eating Habits

Things to Eliminate / Moderate

  • alcoholic beverages (beer is bad, red wine is ok – beer is not regulated by the FDA but by the Treasury)
  • artificially sweetened beverages (sodas, artificial teas and juice drinks)
  • carbonated beverages (usually seltzer is ok, but carbonation can cause harm to some people)
  • mainstream store bought juices that are not fresh squeezed

Over-consumpion of these products (excito-toxins, gluten, yeasts, industrial laced pollutants, etc.) may lead to adverse effects in your body.


Adverse effects including Candida bacteria overgrowth in your body. Probiotics balances out the effects of Candida overgrowth and can help to neutralize it. I have personally used Kefir drinks with L. acidophilus NCFM© among other probiotic cultures and have achieved decent results.

“Organic” foods from China

Beware of foods labelled organic which are grown or manufactured in China. What is considered “organic” in China would shock you.

Works Cited & Must See!



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