America’s road to the Third World?

America is on its way to the Third World. Why, you ask? Here is a list of how America is becoming similar to Third World countries and on its way down the tubes.

  • Degradation of pretty much everyone at every echelon in American society. America is becoming like a modern Rome; rampant with corruption and incompetence at every level and every turn. Most citizens are apathetic and lethargic, and just accept these things because “that’s just the way things are” and “none of this affects them.” America is no longer a safe and healthy place to raise a child.
  • Most Americans have no idea of the workings of their government, and don’t even want to know. Attempts to find the truth, spread or learn information, learn about the governments’ workings, participate therein, or what have you, will be thwarted to various degrees. Thwarted at every turn by reason of real conspiracy or many times utter indifference and incompetence of the American zombies, bullies and narcissists themselves.
  • More and more corrupt wealthy people bribing members of our government and its agencies.
  • Censorship and “gangsterism” perpetuated by government and corporations is kicking into high gear. YouTube videos and channels are being flagged and taken down without any notice or good reason. Harassment campaigns and propaganda are ramping up. The truth is constantly being silenced. If you pick up your city newspaper you’ll read race-baiting story after terrorist-fear mongering story after another, including all of these contrived bullshit events which become top news stories one day after another this past year – all aimed at progressing the agenda, scaring you, and restricting gun rights and gun ownership; putting people on watch-lists and such. All the mainstream media is filled with propaganda and stories that divide and instill fear and confusion in the people. It’s either that, or the likes of skimpy pictures of girls who’s only real claim to fame is that they are a “social media star.”
  • Essential services such as 911 and other such services are widely understaffed and underfunded… The response times of these services are largely delayed due to using outdated equipment which puts peoples’ lives at risk. A term being used more often is “death by 911 operator.”
  • Less and less jobs in America, more and more immigrants. Robots will soon be serving you in McDonalds.
  • Food, goods, and services are increasingly expensive due to government taxation and bloat. I went to Rite Aid pharmacy the other day down the street from my house and bought a 6-pack of paper towels. It cost $14.99
    • The bureaucracy of our corporate government is the real issue which must be addressed.
  • Commercials on popular a.m. radio stations advertising food rations with taglines such as “Do you want to be fighting for scraps during a food riot?” I know food rationing supplies are advertised and sold through TV, online, or in magazine catalogs which we are all familiar with. However, I have listened to local a.m. stations in New York for a little while now and I have never heard such preparation-minded advertisements broadcast until recently… My thinking is: since many Americans listen to these a.m. stations during their morning and evening commutes, could it really be important to advertise these types of supplies to Americans, as if soon they may need them during some type of crisis? I could just be worried about it, but at the same time (to me at least) signs are adding up that America may deal with at least some type of crisis in the near future. This crisis, if it happens, may be the catalyst for the government to make due on the proposals in all of those un-American legislations we have been reading such the Agenda 21 programs, martial law programs, FEMA camp programs, detention centers, executions, food rationing / food riots, and etc.
  • Notice how things like the contrived California non-drought are aimed at getting people used to using less and adapting to austerity measures?
  • Things have gotten bizarre.
  • When will we all stand up and stand together to help fix our crumbling America?

*This will likely be updated over time.



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