My Thoughts on Trump’s Presidency

***Trump is not to be trusted

Especially after Obama and attempts with Hillary, I really believe that Trump’s election may have solidified America being like the movie Idiocracy and pretty soon any scumbag with enough money or fame is going to be president. Although I prefer Trump over Hillary, this man was still previously the star of the show “The Apprentice”

Also, we need to think about who Trump is appointing. Should appointing family members be illegal? (even for the Clintons years prior when Bill was governor of Arkansas and appointed Hillary to head his health care advisory committee in 1979.) It is not a good sign if the choices are either oligarchy or establishment types like the criminal John Bolton. How is John Bolton seriously even one of the options? The man is an elite neo-con warhawk that is a member of the ‘Council on Foreign Relations’ and ‘Project for a New American Century’ who basically embodies everything Trump ran his campaign against.

What about these clowns Trump apparently picked?

Hopefully people don’t think “wow the Illuminati can’t have that much power” / “the elites can’t have that much power because Trump is president.” – It’s all about appeasement. They appeased the lefties with Obama and then used Obama to progress their agenda. They will likely now do the same thing with Trump. They have selected Trump to appease the opposite end of the spectrum, and will likely use Trump or threaten him. If they assassinated JFK they can assassinate and manipulate Trump.

Now that Trump is president will the White House and the government be more willing to listen to us? Maybe not. We all need to stay vigilant and fight corruption far and wide across our communities and across our country. Freedom is still eroded every second in our society.  There are still shadowy rogue groups that have the money and power to have anyone that opposes them killed or ruined.

The same way people are paid to attend protests such as Occupy Wall Street and the way people were paid to attend Hillary speeches, we have evidence of people being paid across the country to start off these protests after the results of the election.

Is Donald Trump going to help us fight to fix this corruption, protect whistleblowers, and also keep our families safe? We can’t wait for Trump to help us with anything. Americans have to stand up and take their country back.



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