The harassment chronicles of the FDNY – FDNY and NYPD behavior showcase

FDNY Abuse Chronicles

Read the attached PDF file titled ‘FDNY Abuse Chronicles’ which I have compiled and uploaded above, and read it well.

Stand against the abusers in our communities. This has been going on for a long time and people are finally getting sick of it and learning to fight back against it and stand up for themselves.

I have tried to contact the offending firehouse especially FDNY Engine 40/Ladder 35 but they have REMOVED their telephone number and the main FDNY number which you are connected to after calling 411 for help seems to be perpetually busy.

This has all been blown wide open. Everybody share this story to all you know. Share these stories. The FDNY is retreating scared now trying to cover this up! THEY MUST FACE JUSTICE

The NPYD and FDNY are beholden to us, we are not beholden to them!

This is who the FDNY and NYPD are: a bunch of stupid slobs and I’m done with it. They even fight eachother!!!

If anyone defends this harassment or dismisses it, they are a threat to civil society along with the perpetrators.

One of the original articles:



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