The Propagandist “Vice Network” Publishes Condescending and Mocking Documentary about Targeted Individuals and Organized Stalking

Right off the bat, Shane Smith and the Vice Network are not to be trusted.

The sellout propagandist Vice Network has recently published an extremely cringe-worthy film titled ‘Meet the Targeted Individual Community.’ This film is easily verified to be unprofessional, emotion-stirring propaganda which is designed to acquire viewership and influence opinions without providing any real facts or useful information about any subject.

I honestly suggest not even watching it because it is a cringe-worthy waste of time which is designed to make targeted individuals and those who have been stalked or harassed by any person, group, or organization look ridiculous and unrelatable. It is designed to make watchers apathetic to the real crimes being perpetrated by governments and other groups of people within the structures of our communities and lives.

The people featured in this documentary are not the most well-spoken people about the subject, nor have they provided facts from verifiable sources. The whole thing looks very rushed and unprofessional. The entire film seems to be edited more like a comedy than a documentary.

Those who work for corrupt networks like Vice know that they don’t have to do real work and research when it comes to propagandizing the masses. Making a mockery of the people is easily done for mainstream networks.

I and many others have done way more factual research on this subject than Vice Network as I have provided real sources from government, military, global organizations, and news media in my article titled ‘About Organized Stalking and Narcissism…’ – In this article I have been compiling some of the most accurate and verifiable sources on organized harassment and stalking. Here is another interesting page containing factual sources to look at…

A detriment to the justice-seeking community is cointelpro, disorganizers, dividers, and celebrity type personas in the truth movement. There are many in the activist / truther community who treat their platforms as spaces to make money off of suckers. Many people who claim to be in the movement for reforming or exposing our government are only in it for themselves – it seems their aims are to thwart the advancement of this movement and thwart attempts at reform and community organization.



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