Sovereign talking points

What is sovereignty?

Taken from Apple OS X dictionary software…

sovereignty |ˈsäv(ə)rəntē|

noun  (pl. sovereignties)

supreme power or authority.

(Example: How can we hope to wrest sovereignty away from the oligarchy and back to the people?)

• the authority of a state to govern itself or another state: national sovereignty.

• a self-governing state.

ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French sovereinete, from soverain .

Simply, having control over one’s life. Self ownership – individual sovereignty, the macro form of which being national sovereignty.

Many people today don’t know what sovereignty even is. Most people do not understand its significance or appreciate its concept.

Become one that understands sovereignty and promotes good things.

  • At this point in time the Constitution is not being followed for the people’s benefit.
  • The Executive Branch (via The Department of Treasury working with The Federal Reserve and thus foreign governments and international monetary funds) should not be regulating our money. Powers originally granted to the people via Congress in Article 1 of the Constitution have been eroded.
  • We need debt-free government-issued currencies. We need to curtail government borrowing, fractional reserve lending, and excess taxation. We need the IRS to show us the law that requires United States citizens to pay an income tax. The sixteenth amendment is not a law and should be abolished. We shouldn’t be paying other illegitimate taxes such as property tax which is essentially protection money / ransom. We need to put a stop to the unconstitutional and immoral practices of the IRS and Federal Reserve.
  • The 10th amendment is not being followed or regarded by our government.
  • The Electoral College should be dismantled and abolished, and the delegate system as well should be dismantled or reformed.
  • If not consolidated, simplified and/or thrown out: our laws, bureaucracy and (legal) procedures will bind America and its people to death like a snake would its prey.
  • Democrats and Republicans are not transparent or out for the benefit of the people… Will we ever see a third party rise to some form of legitimate power in the United States? They are known as the “left wing and the right wing” for a reason. The bird only has two wings, not three. There was never meant to be a third party or any other party besides the main two contesting each other. Nobody should vote anymore.
  • The lack of consideration for people’s rights and lack of accountability of members in government, bureacray, industry, law enforcement, and military is ever increasing and out of control.
  • American and Western culture is essentially debased.
  • The expansion of UN Agenda 21, Globalism, Technocracy and New World Order are some of the biggest threats to sovereignty facing our people and world today.