My Thoughts on Trump’s Presidency

Especially after Obama and attempts with Hillary, I really believe that Trump’s election may have solidified America being like the movie Idiocracy and pretty soon any scumbag with enough money or fame is going to be president. Although I prefer Trump over Hillary, this man was still previously the star of the show “The Apprentice” Also, we … More My Thoughts on Trump’s Presidency

So what is Agenda 21? “Behind the ‘Green’ Mask”

Ever wonder why they said “The Jetsons” would happen by the year 2000, yet it never did? Still the same old, non-futuristic world. Shouldn’t things be getting better instead of staying the same or getting worse? Agenda 21 is about monitoring and restricting the usage of resources, energy, and land – all in the name … More So what is Agenda 21? “Behind the ‘Green’ Mask”